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Accidental Egg Donor & Recipient Insurance

Tiny Treasures has secured a Blanket Accident Insurance Policy from Chartis Insurance, an AIG company, that protects our egg donation clients. The start of coverage is from the approved date as declared that the Egg Donor begins synchronization treatment procedures for the cycle. The accident expense benefit will cover any medical expenses incurred within 90 days of the transfer that are reasonable, usual and customary and will continue to cover claims for 52 weeks.

All Prospective Parents are required to purchase Tiny Treasures' Egg Donor and Recipient Accidental Health Insurance. This insurance will cover up to $250,000 of incurred medical expenses if either the Egg Donor or recipient experience medical problems as a result of the egg donation procedure. Any insurance claims over $3,500 will be in excess of any insurance the Egg Donor or recipient may have.

The premium for this insurance is $180 if Prospective Parents' clinic is located in Massachusetts or Rhode Island or $350 if the Prospective Parents' clinic is located in any other state.

The policy is valid in all states, with the exception of New York, and covers both the Egg Donor and Recipient for the following:

  • Accidental Medical Expense Benefit: $250,000
  • Accidental Paralysis Benefit: $100,000
  • Accidental Death Benefit: $100,000
  • Travel Accidental Death Benefit: $25,000
  • Weekly Accident Indemnity Benefit: $300 per week for 52 weeks

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